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Abigail Aces Acting

"They turned up one particularly gloomy looking street and there in front of him was the ugly old building which he had seen from his window and which had been haunting him all night. Attached to the railings and almost hidden by the heavily overgrown bushes was a sign. ‘For Sale. All Enquiries please contact Ezey and Enfer Estate Agents.’’

When Mr. Alphabet sees the building for the first time, he knows that this is the place; this is the place to set up the school he'd dreamed of; this was the place to spend all of his money; this was the place to plant those seeds which had been found in the wrecked car after the accident. But where had the money come from? What were the seeds? And, more to the point, who on earth WAS Mr. Alphabet?

Abigail Ayres, quite an ordinary looking girl from quite an ordinary looking semi on the outskirts of town, is one of the first students to walk through the imposing gates to Mr. Alphabet's A-Z Academy. She and her friends, Govinder Gohil and Robbie Redovitch, are desperate to go to the school, desperate to follow their dreams. Will they get in? Will they uncover the mystery of the seeds? Will they find out where all the money came from? And, more to the point, who on earth IS Mr. Alphabet?

I loved this book!! Very witty and cleverly written and I couldn't stop reading it!! The pages almost turned themselves and I think this could be the next big thing - I would recommend to any reader, especially if you're a fan of J.K Rowling or Katherine Rundell. And it was very good value! I can't wait for the next book!
By Isobel, age 11


This is such a lovely book it shouldn't be for children only! The story is gentle, funny and has a bit of mystery too to keep you wondering. Full of real emotions it will resonate with readers of all ages and leaves you uplifted. It's a delight.

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