Short Stories

100 Words of Solitude

Such great news: 100 Words of Solitude is going into print! Thanks to all at 100 Words of Solitude and Rare Swan Press.

I was delighted to have my 100 word piece,  Lenses and Laughter  accepted for publication in the 100 Words of Solitude project.

100 Words of Solitude is a project set up to capture and record human responses to enforced or self-imposed isolation.

As Covid-19 (Coronavirus) sweeps across the world more and more people in every country, through choice or necessity, are withdrawing from traditional social and community interactions. We are retreating to our homes, shielding ourselves from physical human contact and the shared experiences that make up so much of our personalities. We are obliged to renegotiate our relationships with ourselves, our homes and the communal spaces we are now avoiding but which normally make up so much of our daily lives.

100 Words of Solitude records creative literary responses to this situation. It seeks to capture the emotional, cultural and social impact of the developing situation, giving voice to writers across the world to explore the nature of solitude, of small group (family) isolation, of connecting to others across the void, or working and helping in spaces now dynamically changed by lockdowns.

Read Lenses and Laughter here:

Runner up in the Daunt Books Short Story Competition.

The Blue Bowl

A story of perception and perfection. 

Listen to The Blue Bowl here:


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